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From the very outset, we knew ESG was going to be a force of change. Since 2007, we have been researching and advancing the dynamics of how ESG can help companies create and protect value while we all work together to bring about the change we want.

Over the years, our team has developed a unique understanding and model of ESG & Sustainability and we continue to refine it everyday to ensure we bring our partners actionable value. Our singular focus on ESG & Sustainability allows our team to fully-customize our processes and properly address the challenges and opportunities you face. It’s about delivering actionable and meaningful insights and support that are fit for purpose–your purpose.

Motive leadership

Taylor Gray, Ph.D

Head of Research and Analytics

Dr. Gray has been advancing the field of ESG research and practice for 15+ years. Building from his Ph.D. in Economic Geography with a focus in ESG from the University of Oxford (Clarendon Scholar), Dr. Gray leads the Motive team in operationalizing cutting-edge research and analytics to support our clients’ strategic decision-making and development.

Kai Gray, M.Sc.


With 20+ years of senior executive experience at some of the most innovative Technology companies, including Yahoo!, Carbonite, and Western Digital, Kai Gray learned first-hand that markets move fast. Kai Gray leads Motive in navigating the  rapidly-evolving frontier that is ESG.

Brian Harris, MBA

Head of business strategy

At a fundamental level, ESG is about change management–mitigating risks, identifying opportunities, and positioning for growth. With 10+ years leading businesses through transitions, Brian Harris leads the Motive team in leveraging these strategic insights for the benefit of our clients.

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