ESG & Sustainability Communication

Having well-developed ESG and Sustainability programs is good, but being recognized as having good ESG and Sustainability performance is even better. The difference is in how you communicate your efforts to your stakeholders.

As your dedicated ESG & Sustainability advisory and support service, we deliver:


Our team delivers decision-useful information designed to move you forward. Beyond simple compliance, our work is designed to accelerate your business development objectives.


Dedicated expert analysis. Our team is committed to staying at the forefront of ESG & Sustainability research, practice, and regulations.


Our team are leaders in the science of impact and deliver data-driven insights so you can move forward with confidence.

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Reporting and Communication

Sustainability is a multi-stakeholder endeavor which succeeds through transparent, accurate, and accessible communication. Our team can help you navigate your landscape of stakeholder interests and ensure your sustainability communications are purpose-driven.

From your Annual Sustainability Report to Supply Chain Guidance, Employee Engagement Campaigns, and Customer Loyalty Efforts, your ESG and Sustainability efforts are purposefully developed for specific objectives and audiences, and our dedicated team is here to ensure your communications are optimized for each audience and objective. From stakeholder mapping and materiality analyses through to business development alignment, our approach to sustainability communications is strategic and data-driven.

Drawing on leading research and market intelligence, and fully-versed in all popular reporting frameworks, such as GRI, ISSB, CDP, UN Global Compact, and so on, our experts can make sure that your sustainability story is ready to be told the way it needs to be told.

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Data Verification & Validation

Trust is valuable. Our Data Verification & Validation services are designed to help your stakeholders develop trust and confidence in your sustainability reports and claims.

Our research team can verify your data, claims, and reports across different levels of assurance, including Review, Assurance, and Examination to assist you in satisfying stakeholder interests and regulatory mandates, and provide you with a public certificate of verification which we stand behind.

Our professionally-accredited and certified researchers and analysts can work with you at any step of the way, from assisting in developing your data collection process to reviewing final claims and reports, ensuring you receive the verification services that best meet your needs.

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Sales Support

Sustainability is an increasingly important component of sales. From web copy and product descriptions, to supply chain partner data requests and vendor RFPs, elements of sustainability are showing up in value chains across all industries.

Work with our dedicated team of experts to ensure that your sustainability efforts and performance are communicated in a way that is optimized to support your sales efforts. It’s more than simply pointing to your Annual Sustainability Report--Your customers have specific interests and motivations in requesting sustainability data from you, so let’s make sure to get it right.

Leverage your ESG & Sustainability data and performance to support your sales team and advance your business development objectives. Our team can assess your situation and develop a fully-customized approach to develop the sales support you need.

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